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2022–2023 DELTA Grants Yearbook

From flipping traditional classrooms to creating virtual reality experiences, the 2022–2023 grant year demonstrated the innovation, collaboration and hard work of our dedicated faculty and staff. Their passion for student engagement and success made a meaningful difference in our classrooms and communities.

A graphic with multiple pictures of educational activities. Text reads "Class of 22-23 DELTA Grants, what a great year!"

During the 2022–2023 DELTA Grants cycle, the following 13 projects were completed with deliverables that reflected a broad interest in course improvement, raising student engagement and fostering exploration to benefit student success:

  • Course Design (5) – AAE 435 (Joy Morgan), CSC 281 (Ignacio Dominguez) , PRT 286 (Martha Brown), EC 468 (Thayer Morrill) ADN 219 (Patrick Fitzgerald)
  • Critical Path (2) – BAE 200 (Lucie Guertault), BIO 181 (Lisa Paciulli)
  • Exploratory (6) – CH 222 (Aram Amassian, Ryan Chiechi), ECD 652 (Angie Smith and team) ECI 519 (Julia McKeown), ENT 121 (Terri Billeisen), FTD 419 (Chanmi Hwang), PRT 152 (Nathan Williams)

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