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Course Accessibility Grants

The Course Accessibility Grants provide in-depth evaluations and guidance for faculty who want to ensure their course content is available to all students enrolled in their class. Faculty members who participate learn about the most common accessibility issues as well as the highly technical accessibility problems that can occur. 

The DELTA accessibility team collaborates with faculty to develop a manageable timeline to resolve identified issues which significantly lowers the barriers to equitable access and engagement with course materials. In addition, other campus partners assist as needed from University Libraries, Office of Instructional Technology and Disability Resources Office.

Recipients of this grant will receive $2,000 as well as DELTA support, including but not limited to workshops, consultations, action plan templates and additional resources.

Choose this grant if you need:

  • Assistance embracing diversity by addressing course accessibility concerns in your course.
  • Guidance with technology to solve accessibility issues.
  • To empower students by providing access to required course materials.

Course Accessibility Grants in Action

“DELTA gave us a process for addressing the accessibility in our course and provided guidance, expertise, and helpful tools along the way. I am now applying this same approach to my other courses.”
– Carlos C. Goller,  Ph.D.

An annotated PowerPoint slide that highlights important accessibility elements like headings, lists, and alt text
Screenshot from a Lightboard lecture video in Teaching Assistant Professor Jason King’s CSC 316 course. Animations were integrated to help students better understand abstract concepts.

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