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Course Design Grants

Course Design Grants are for the design and development of research-based and quality-focused course support efforts that include the creation of instructional materials to expand or substantially revise an established course (which may include the use of web-based technologies and/or the creation of multimedia resources in support of these efforts).

Who should participate?

Full or 3/4 time faculty 

Choose this grant if:

  • Your course is a credit-bearing course at NC State University.
  • You need support to create or substantially revise a course according to national course quality standards and best practices (this could include the need to develop media materials to support this creation or revision).
  • You seek to emphasize innovative use of technology and/or pedagogy in any course delivery format (online, hybrid, face-to-face, HyFlex).
  • You seek guidance with course development tools.
  • You are full or ¾ time faculty member.

Award: $8,000, plus a dedicated team of DELTA staff to assist you

What courses are eligible?

Any face-to-face, online, blended, or HyFlex courses that are credit-bearing

Length and delivery:

The Course Design grant begins in the fall and continues through the end of the summer semester. You are given a team of DELTA staff and have regular meetings throughout the year.

Course Design Grants in Action

DELTA can help you design or redesign your course across several different environments and modalities

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