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The DELTA Grants Experience

DELTA Grants production shot

How does working with DELTA transform your classroom and your teaching?

We work with you as you evaluate the design and content of your course materials to find opportunities for updating and improving organization, access and delivery methods. This enhances your teaching methodologies from the perspective of the student.

We help you to discover and implement technology and pedagogical approaches to improve student engagement, organize your approach and analyze how students interact with your course content.

We improve student success by converting passive experiences to active experiences.This allows students to engage more with the content, with you, with your TAs and with their peers. 

We help you research the value of teaching methods in your field that impact student success.

In addition to our professional course design experience, we have a vast knowledge base through our work with faculty course content creation and delivery methods. Based on our collective experience, we provide guidance to benefit your course while saving you research time.

Hear from past grant recipients about their DELTA Grants experience in the video below.

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