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DELTA Grants

Year-long extensive partnerships with DELTA

An examples of a DELTA Grants project outcome

DELTA Grant Applications are now closed

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The DELTA Grants program provides support, key services and financial resources to increase student success through faculty partnerships. Our goal is to collaborate on reusable efforts with a broad reach to enhance teaching and learning through technology and research-based best practices.

We offer several grant types to enhance the creation of online or hybrid courses and face-to-face courses, promote teaching effectiveness, develop large course redesigns, experiment with better ways to engage students and more.

With a DELTA Grant, you get:

  • Your own DELTA team to collaborate with you to find solutions for your instructional challenges.
  • Our expertise in instructional design, new media development, application development and more (based on the project scope).
  • Your time investment will multiply the benefits of your DELTA team’s success.
  • Financial resources to use for personnel, conferences, equipment, etc.
  • A partnership to impact teaching with technology based on pedagogy.

Since we are planning on growing the program and getting more programs involved, I was concerned about the scalability of ENV 101. I wanted to make sure there is a wide variety of environmental topics explored during the class, while also reducing the workload of the faculty case leaders involved in the course.

Megan Lupek

Director of Environmental First Year Program