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Faculty Fellows Grants

This grant type essentially exists to promote faculty learning from colleagues. DELTA collaborates with determined and student-success focused instructors to create content that will assist their peers in creating courses that are pedagogically innovative. In addition, they assist their colleagues in being effective teaching and learning practitioners.

Who should participate?

Faculty who have been employed full or 3/4 time with University for at least 5 years, have had pedagogical success in the classroom and would like to share their knowledge with others.

Choose this grant if:

  • You would like DELTA staff guidance to support other faculty in teaching effectively using campus technologies, including Moodle, Zoom, Google Apps for Education, Panopto and other related tools.
  • You have been employed at NC State University for at least five years.

Award: $5,000

Length and Delivery:

You will work with DELTA staff to develop a plan specific to your experience and interests.The plan might include leading workshops on NC State’s campus, sharing best practices via articles, presenting at conferences or a myriad of other possibilities. Historically, Faculty Fellows used their voices to advocate for innovative teaching methods. The minimum time commitment is 60 hours over the course of a year.

See Faculty Fellows Grants in Action

Learn how past faculty fellows have shared their knowledge and best practices.

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