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Exploratory Grants

The Exploratory Grants (EX) provide funds to examine a single application or to address a unique instructional challenge in an existing course. Generally, a new technology such as a mobile app, immersive reality or Adaptive Learning is needed to foster increased engagement and student success in mastering course content — and the learning curve required by these types of technology is steep. Partnering with DELTA brings efficiency to this process saving faculty time while offering access to alternative delivery solutions.  

Who should participate?

Full or 3/4 time faculty who would like DELTA’s help in using a new innovation or technology to create a more engaging course and increase student success.

Choose this grant if: 

  • You seek support for the exploration of targeted emerging technologies and their application to teaching and learning. 
  • You want to explore unique challenges in presenting, delivering or engaging students in learning as part of a credit-bearing course.
  • You are a full or ¾ time faculty member.

Award: $8,000, plus a dedicated team of DELTA staff to assist you

What courses are eligible?

Any face-to-face, online, blended, or HyFlex courses that are credit-bearing

Length and delivery:

The  Exploratory Grant begins in the fall and continues through the end of the summer semester. You work with a team of DELTA staff and have regular meetings throughout the year.

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