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Instructor Quotes about Hybrid/Flipped Learning

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Hear what Instructors say about Hybrid/Flipped Learning and working with DELTA:

“The DELTA Team’s help for flipping my course was invaluable. They helped me find the ideal course structure combining online and in class learning activities, assignments, and turn it into a weekly course schedule. My Moodle site was very easy for students to navigate and find resources and assignments, with a course roadmap that really helped students stay on track. The financial support allowed me to hire an undergraduate to help with development. Flipping a course is a lot of work, and I couldn’t have done it that fast without the help from DELTA.”

Dr. Lucie Guertault
Assistant Professor, Instructor of BAE 200 Computer Methods in Biological Engineering
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
2022-2023 DELTA Grant Recipient

“Teaching my course using a completely flipped learning model has been a game changer for me and my students. Instead of being the sage on the stage at the front of the room, I am much more a guide on the side, having the freedom to circulate around the room and chat with students. Because of this, I feel more connected to more students than ever before and vice versa. I can also answer questions and fix minor mistakes and misconceptions on the spot. I could not have transformed the course without the DELTA Grant and team’s expertise in course design, structure, and task organization.”

Dr. Lisa Paciulli
Senior Lecturer, Instructor of BIO 181 Introductory Biology
Department of Biological Sciences, College of Sciences
2022-2023 DELTA Grant Recipient

“I had an exceptional experience working with DELTA to transform my course into a flipped format. The insights and guidance from DELTA experts were invaluable, enriching my skills as a course designer, instructor, and educator. This project not only elevated the overall quality of the course but also sparked new research ideas in the field of education. I highly recommend taking advantage of this valuable opportunity!”

Dr. Shuyin Jiao
Assistant Teaching Professor, Instructor of CSC 111 Introduction to Computing: Python
Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering
2021-2022 DELTA Grant Recipient

“Teaching introductory physics in a flipped format has been a game changer for our department, and delivering the material effectively online has been a critical aspect to the success of our flipped classrooms. Understanding physics principles and learning how to apply them can be very challenging for students. When we teach in this flipped format, it frees up time in class to have more in depth conversations about these principles and how they can be applied. Using this flipped format with effective online tools, we have seen an improvement in student learning and outcomes.”

Dr. Keith Heyward
Teaching Professor, Instructor of PY 211 College Physics I
Department of Physics, College of Sciences
2020-2021 DELTA Grant Recipient

“My instructional design team at DELTA helped me think through the learning outcomes and carefully consider the benefits and challenges of a flipped course design. Redesigning my Moodle page helped me communicate weekly expectations clearly with students, and helped them stay on track with the in-person and online components.”

Dr. Stephanie Jeffries
Associate Teaching Professor, Instructor of FOR 339 Dendrology
Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, College of Natural Resources
2020-2021 DELTA Grant Recipient

“A flipped classroom allows you to be there at the moment that the students understand, which is extremely invigorating in teaching. It also makes those moments more timely for the students since they can think and ask questions while you’re together. I will never go back to lecturing.”

Dr. Anna Howard
Teaching Professor, Instructor of MAE 206 Engineering Statics
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering
2019-2020 DELTA Grant Recipient

“Ever since I incorporated the hybrid approach into my courses (specializing in PRTM – Sport Management), numerous advantages have become evident for both students and myself. This method has heightened students’ flexibility and accessibility, fostered greater engagement among students and between students and faculty, facilitated self-directed learning with personalized support, and elevated the level of critical thinking in the learning process.”

Dr. Edwin Lindsay
Associate Teaching Professor, Instructor of PRT 266 Introduction to Sport Management
Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, College of Natural Resources
2019-2020 DELTA Grant Recipient

“The Hybrid/Flipped Course Design empowers my students to take control of their learning. The Hybrid component allows the students to engage with a variety of in-person and digital learning resources and gives them the flexibility to choose the modality that aligns best with their learning preferences. The Flipped component gives students the opportunity to initially interact with the new material at their own pace before engaging with the more complex stage of applying their knowledge to problem solving.”

Dr. Lina Battestilli
Associate Teaching Professor, Instructor of CSC 113 Introduction to Computing – MATLAB
Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering
2018-2019 DELTA Grant Recipient

“While I still love the traditional classroom setting, I now understand the tremendous benefits of putting some short lectures and other assignments online for the students to do independently before and after the “in-person” classroom time….They (students) seem more engaged in their classroom work when they’ve successfully completed their online independent work prior to class.”

Elizabeth Dempster
Senior Lecturer, Instructor of MA 111 Pre-calculus
Department of Mathematics, College of Sciences
2018-2019 DELTA Grant Recipient

“For me, converting my traditional course design into a hybrid/flipped design was an overwhelming task, especially with my lack of experience in this pedagogical domain. I am so glad I sought help from the DELTA team. With a systematic approach, we were able to design and deploy a brand new course within a year. The design was so robust that it withstood the challenges of pandemic and post pandemic learning expectations.”

Dr. Sarah Khan
Associate Teaching Professor, Instructor of BUS 340 Information Systems Management
Department of Business Management, Poole College of Management
2018-2019 DELTA Grant Recipient

“Teaching with the flipped classroom approach created an active learning environment for my students. The students are no longer sitting in rows “passively” taking notes from lectures, but they are prepared before class through online learning and “actively” engaged in the classroom through problem solving in groups. It took a lot of my time and effort to transform my class into a flipped format. But after I did it, now I have more time to help individual students with their learning needs.”

Dr. Kenny Kuo
Teaching Assistant Professor, Instructor of BCH 351 General Biochemistry
Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
2017-2018 DELTA Grant Recipient

“I had the idea to develop my flipped and hybrid course for several years prior to applying for a DELTA Grant to support the work. Working with the team at DELTA was invaluable for actually making my ideas happen. They gave me great insight into how to structure the learning materials for the course and the grant also allowed me time to work on the redesign and made me accountable so things got done on a reasonable timeline. I’ve been able to use the skills and strategies DELTA taught me in the years since to make other courses I teach even more student-centered and well-designed.”

Dr. Molly Fenn
Teaching Professor, Instructor of MA 231 Calculus for Life and Management Sciences
Department of Mathematics, College of Sciences
2015-2016 DELTA Grant Recipient

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